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The NEW L-Bow Mitten Sets are as cute as they come! For Boys, we couple a plaid L-Bow Mitten with a matching ELMER FUDD hat. The hat can be worn with the FLAPS up in moderate weather (not found in Minnesota) or with the cozy fleece down to keep those tiny ears warm. A second offering for Boys features a Fleece Aviator Hat with Sherpa lining put together with a pair of coordinating L-Bow Mittens. The third Boy's option for warmth is the "FLAME" Beanie Hat with matching "FLAME embroidered L-Bow Mittens. For Girls, we feature a unique Sparkle Spatter Snowflake L-Bow Mitten with a corresponding knit hat including adorable braids. The Snowflake print glistens on the hat while the double layer knit keeps the head toasty warm. An equally cute Girl's alternative is the SUPER Snowflake. A luminous panel of embroidered ICICLE fabric highlights this mitten which is then teamed up with a complementary twin layer knit hat with tassels.

We offer the Gift Set in TWO SIZES (Small, ages 1-4 and Medium, ages 4-6 1/2) The Boy's Plaid comes in Blue/Black and Red/Black. The Boy's Aviator comes in Royal Blue with Sherpa Lining and Red with Sherpa Lining. The Boy's Flame comes in Royal Blue/ Black and Red/ Black. Both of the Girl's Snowflake Sets come in (you guessed it) Pink and Purple!!

All of our L-Bow Mittens are lined with 3M Thinsulate Thermal Insulation for superior warmth without bulk.

Order the L-Bow mittens and hat gift sets
Order the L-Bow mittens and hat gift sets
Order the L-Bow mittens and hat gift sets

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