Sparkle Extreme Glove

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Product Features⁠

- 100g Thinsulate⁠

- Waterproof Bladder⁠

- Breathable Bladder

- Palm patch⁠ & Quick Cinch Strap

L-Bow is blazing the winter trail with the Breathable line of its popular mittens and gloves for kids. Traditionally, utilizing a bladder system to waterproof hand wear resulted in keeping moisture away from the skin, but often at the cost of keeping perspiration in.

L-Bow’s revolutionary Breathable Bladder is made of microporous polyurethane film. This system features pores that are too small to let a drop of water pass through, yet large enough to let molecules of perspiration vapor escape. This breathability factor enables moisture to leave the interior of the glove, resulting in a warmer, drier and more comfortable experience... all at an affordable price.