Providing warmth, protection and dry wrists for kids of all ages

Comfy Cozy Warm

These booties and mitts are amazing for infants! They're so easy to get on wiggling arms and legs and stayed on when I jostled her around playing fetch with the pup!

-Happy Minnesota Mom

L-bow Features


L-Bow’s revolutionary breathable bladder is made of micro-porous polyurethane film. This system features pores that are too small to let a drop of water pass through, yet large enough to let molecules of perspiration vapor escape. This breath-ability factor enables moisture to leave the interior of the mitten, resulting in a warmer, drier and more comfortable experience.


Using 3M Thinsulate we offer 3 levels of insulation.
The Original: 70g Thinsulate
The Northern: 100g Thinsulate
The Arctic: 150g Thinsulate


Featuring a chemical-free waterproof bladder on every single mitten and glove.

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