The L-Bow Story

From hunting and camping to skiing and snowmobiling, I have always had a passion for outdoor adventure. Growing up, some of my favorite memories are from getting outside and playing in the snow. But, it’s a lot of work to get kids bundled up and ready, only to come back inside half an hour later because their wrists are cold. 

I grew up in rural Minnesota with my three siblings. When we were little, my mother struggled to find a product that kept our wrists and hands warm when we played outside. As a solution, she designed L-Bow’s first prototype: a long gauntlet mitten that goes outside winter gear and secures easily over the elbow, keeping kids’ hands and wrists warm. 

In the years since, we have continued to innovate, designing practical, and safe children’s soft good products, while maintaining our values as a small, family owned business. At L-Bow, we strive every day to expand the outdoor industry by creating quality children’s gear that really works. 


We want to help the next generation fall in love with winter. Won’t you join us?


Kevin Deering


Kevin Deering - Owner